Sulphate-resistant cement is recommended to be used in concrete exposed to severe sulphate action. It is advised where soils or ground waters have high sulphate content and it is also very suitable for foundations in all types of soils.

The high sulphate resistance is attributed to low tri-calcium aluminate (C3A) content. Standard Specification

It is produced according to the Egyptian standards ES 583/2005 and complies with the European specifications BS 4027/1996. The product is available also in accordance with ASTM C150-92.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Chemical Properties

Practical Main Application

It is especially in all concrete works that are exposed to sea water or soils of high sulphate content. Because of the characteristics of the Egyptian soil, it is ideal for foundation works.


  • Cement bags should be stored in a dry place and kept away from a humid environment.
  • Bags are stacked over wooden palettes.
  • Cement bags should be covered in case of humid & rainy weathers.
  • Don’t stuff more than 8 bags over each other.


  • 6 weeks from the packing date, provided that it’s properly stored as previously mentioned instructions.
  • Cement should be re-tested before use after this period.

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