What is bar bending schedule

Bar bending schedule is used to give information about the design requirement of reinforcement steel to fitter (steel fabricator) and site execution team. Before actual steel cutting starts, bar bending schedule is to be prepare and get it approved from engineer in charge.

Bar bending schedule give information about

  • Dia of steel
  • no of bars for section
  • structural member details
  • position of bar
  • shape of bar
  • length, weight etc.

Generally, civil engineers who are familiar in RCC structure are employed to prepare Rebar bending schedule. When compared to common quantity take offs, preparation of Rebar schedule needs excessive time for calculation. These calculations include cutting length, deduction of bend allowance within cutting length and summary of weight of each size separately. Insertion of any omitted items or revisions in the drawing may lead to repeated calculations and consume ample time.



Content retrieved from: http://www.probcguide.com/civil-works/plain-and-reinforced-concrete/bar-bending-schedule/.

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